38th Borgward International Meeting Annaberg-Buchholz 2012 2

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On Sunday we set off on a convoy though the mountains.

Richard Senftleben filming us all for the annual DVD

The drive ended at the Hotel Fichtelberghaus right on the top of the 1215m high mount Fichtelberg.

Fiona Howard and Rufus at the summit.

Some hippy entertainment.

Something to eat and drink.

After lunch we went down the mountain by cable car to the Bob sleigh run "Prijut 12"

Great fun was had by all, then up to the top again and back to Annaberg-Buchholz.

Annaberg-Buchholz town square.

Final checks before the return trip.


Ian Cave's dog

After a very enjoyable dinner we set off the next morning but after about an hour Nick stopped with a problem.

Howard and Norman helping Nick check his engine.

Oil in present in the radiator for the last 2 years but now had got so bad it had to be replaced.

The offending gasket. The fully laden climbs up and around Annaberg had been too much.

When things were going again we stopped at Patrick Mollard's house near Brussels for Nick to collect a Gearbox and drink a well deserved beer.


An earlier Isabella meeting.

John Wallis

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