37th Borgward International Meeting Korbach 2011

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Patrick Mollard sheltering under Gavin Watson's umbrella during a short shower.

Gavin's car with Norman Williams taking a picture of the inside.

Borgward International Meeting as seen from a Touric Hotel window.


Some of us walked around the town of Korbach known for gold-bearing ore found in the Eisenberg hills.

George Sinclair, Danny Peak vesus a gazebo.

Diner prize giving and entertainment followed in the evening

Liz Watson taking a picture of the "norty" table

Hotel Touric buffet.


20 year Borgward membership certificate above is Gavin watson and George Sinclair.


Cups and Flowers were awarded this is Kailly Woodroffe receiving flowers from Hartmut Loges having come to the meeting from Australia via England to drive one of Nick Driscoll's Borgwards to Korbach.

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