37th Borgward International Meeting Korbach 2011

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Nicks car on Center TV by Richard Senftleben.

On Sunday we set out in a convoy around the Eder reservoir parking near the dam for a look around

Car Park.

Danny Peak Laurie Leddra and Norman Williams

Fiona Driscoll Nick Driscoll Laurie Leddra and Norman Williams


The dam was one of the 3 mined by the Dam busters in 1943 raid Waldeck Castle shown here was used as the approach.

Kailly Woodroffe trying to keep warm.

We dined in Korbach town center before returning to the hotel for an early Monday start.

Ferry home thinking about next year when we go to Annaberg-Buchholz for the 38th International Borgward Meeting.

John Wallis

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