Page 4 Sunday and Monday 35th International Meeting in Münster

After Breakfast we all packed and then made our way back to the Museum.

We managed 6 people and luggage in the combi on or return..

Norman Williams carrying out some last minute adjustments before the return trip.


Carol Driscoll by Nick Driscoll's Combi.

After dropping Fiona at the train station we gathered for our return trip to Zeddam

George Sinclair leads the pack towards Holland.

Combi in action.

Nick Driscoll multitasking.


Peter Grove was after some main bearings for his P100 Big Six and when we arrived in Zeddam Anjo took us to his warehouse where he stores a few Borgward parts.

Zeddam Holland.

Catherine Hibberd organized supper in Sin Chen a chinese restaurant just outside the town we were joined by Anjo and Rose Bosman.

Rufus, Nick and the Hibberds
Anjo and Rose Bosman


Breakfast in the Holland Inn Moors Hotel Monday morning.


Leaving Zeddam on the way back to Dunkirk

Lunch stop and time to fix the speedo cable.

We just made the 6 PM Dover Ferry .

Getting ready to dock time to say goodbye.

Next year's 36th International meeting will be in Cuxhaven on the coast north of Bremen.

John Wallis Chairman Borgward Drivers Club.

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