_Second U.K. Borgward Drivers Club International Meeting May 12th to 14th 2017


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A personal view of the Show,
by Norman Williams

I can honestly say the sun shone brightly on our meeting held at Arundel, W.Sussex. That was important because the meeting was held over two outdoor sites - Arundel Castle on the Saturday and, on the Sunday, Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre. The castle was not the usual pile of crumbling stone and tottering towers. There it stood, resplendently clad in smooth stone blocks, on a promontory of very high ground. A steady walk up to the castle main gate testified to the steepness of the slope. Little wonder that the castle had fallen to its foes on very few occasions in the past. The club had a reserved area, on a green sward of pasture at the foot of the rising ground. Not only was the castle backdrop impressive but, conveniently, our field was adjacent to the main walkway. Inquisitive members of the public were able to wander into our field and get a closer look at some beautiful Borgwards.

The Amberley Museum site was equally successful. Here it was arranged that our cars be lined up along the main path in full view of visitors. The museum, manned by volunteers, was a mixture of old technology, yet still within the living memory of some of us and country crafts such as woodturning, stone masonry, besom making, with associated hand tools and machinery. Also, there was a working railway on which one could ride.
My own memories were recalled by the sight of old cabinet radios. I was reminded of the Murphy, 12-valve, superheterodyne set of my childhood. It stood about 3ft high. Likewise, my Sister, once a GPO telephonist, was equally enthralled by the post-war switchboard gear. Friday and Saturday evenings were times to eat, drink and chat.

Robert Richmond-Jones gave a few words of greeting to, and continuing friendship with,our continental visitors. At this point an American woman made her presence known and told us all, that she was gathering memories of Borgward to pre sent to her father whose 72nd birthday was coming up. He used to own one.
The approximate statistics for the people attending the weekend were 39 British, 32 from the continent, 2 ROI and 1 American. Although there were some beautiful cars on display I will pick out the following rarely seen exaniples; a fire engine, a 1937 Hansa 1100, a superb Lloyd Arabella Cabriolet, a Goliath 1100, two Hansa 2400 Pullmans and Liz Watson's Lloyd Alexander TS.
Finally, we must not forget the two people who did most to make the weekend a success. John Wallis, the welcoming face of the BDC. He whipped up enthusiasm among the Germans, Belgians and Dutch to make the trip, and Liz Watson, who worked hard behind the scenes organising the sites and hotel
bookings. Thank you both for your very hard work.



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Dear Borgward Owners, Family and Friends

After such a fantastic turnout and enthusiasm shown for the 1st UK Borgward Drivers Club meeting we thought we needed to aim higher and have decided to hold the meeting at two venues close together.

Arundel town is small market town with a major bridging point over the River Arun and it was the lowest road bridge until 1908. Arundel Castle, the second largest in England, home to the Duke of Norfolk, was built by the Normans to protect that vulnerable fairly wooded plain to the north of the valley through the South Downs. The town later grew up on the slope below the castle to the south.

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre is set in a 36 acre site in the South Downs National Park.

Dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East, exhibits include a narrow-gauge railway and bus service (both provide free nostalgic travel around the site), Connected Earth Telecommunications Hall, Milne Electricity Hall, Printing Workshop and much more.

The main hotel and campsite is 10 minutes walk from Arundel railway station and 20 minutes from Arundel center.

Liz Watson has kindly offered to help with the organization of this great meeting please register using the form below.

Liz Watson

John Wallis

llearnley@btopenworld.com Tel/Fax: 0044 (0)1243 672197

jbwallis@btinternet.com Tel 0044 (0)1932 352238


Friday 12th May 2017

19.30 Group dinner at the Crossbush Beefeater Grill next to the Crossbush Premier Inn hotel.

Saturday 13th May 2017

10.00 Drive to Arundel Castle 1 mile from the Premier Inn hotel. An area called the Lower Lawn in front of the Castle will be available to display the vehicles. Entry tickets start at £9.00 per person (2015 prices) which includes parking, shop, café and restaurant, Fitzalan Chapel, the Collector Earl’s Garden and all the grounds and gardens. This increases to £18 (2015 price) per person if you would like to visit the whole castle.

For further information available about the castle including prices visit.
www. arundelcastle.org

Arundel Castle is in the heart of Arundel town which is full of antique and boutique shops plus a walkway by the Arun river, plenty of tea shops, pubs and restaurants.

17.00 Drive back to your respective hotels.

19.30 Group dinner at the Crossbush Beefeater Grill next to the Crossbush
Premier Inn hotel.

Sunday 14th May 2017

09.30 Scenic drive from Arundel to Amberley Museum passing through typical South Downs countryside and villages.

10.00 Arrive at the Amberley Museum and park in the grounds for the day.
Entry fee is a reduced rate of £5.00 per head for the day to enjoy the museum including a steam train ride. There is a cafe on site with a small but varied menu. http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/

15.00 UK AGM

17.00 Museum closes





Please contact Liz Watson . llearnley@btopenworld.com Tel/Fax: 0044 (0)1243 672197or John Wallisjbwallis@btinternet.comTel 0044 (0)1932 352238 if you need help.