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The next morning Anjo Bosman of Bosman Classics showed us a one of Borgwards he is totally restoring. The car was in a very poor condition and required extensive work. The shell was stripped sandblasted then placed on a Borgward alignment jig before major structural work could begin. New floor and sill sections, major repairers to the door skins and all other panels was undertaken. After the work had been complicated the shell was again sand blasted zinc coated and primed ready for final fitting up finishing and spraying. Anjo has remade many panels from scratch and repairs rather than replaces wherever possible for the best fit and originality. We were all very impressed by the quality and attention to detail.

One of the Borgward Coupé's Anjo Bosman is restoring.

Nick resting.

Nick Driscoll topping up the gearbox in Kailly's car.

Robert Richmond Jones holding court
Keith Whiting
Peter Grove Dave Jennings



Nick Driscoll resting.

Norman Williams in his Isabella saloon with Peter Grove and Ronald Ruggen.

Cityhotel Amadeus

We set off late morning to arrive in Münster at the Cityhotel Amadeus just after lunch. Vincent Palmier had flown in from Malta a day earlier to join us and helped us into the hotel .After booking in we made our way to the event that took place in Mühlenhof Open-Air Museum. The museum grounds are on the shore of Lake Aa with almost thirty timber frame buildings of dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries. Some are still in use today. The venue was perfect the buildings area and views were first rate. The german club (Carl F.W. BORGWARD Interessengemeinschaft) always do a fantastic job with the organization and each year it gets better.

The windmill had to be totally restored from the ground up. Very enjoyable freshly baked bread on offer.



We ate an informal dinner at the Gräftenhofin in the museum grounds joined by Patrick Mollard and many other Borgward owners. Later in the evening Catherine and Steve Hibberd arrived by car and Fiona Driscoll by air, train and foot.

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