Page 3 Saturday 35th International Meeting in Münster.


Peter grove practicing his german with Birgit Kasper to the amusement of Vincent Palmier

George Sinclair was up early the following day to set up his parts stand and auto jumble with his trusty assistants.


Robert Steen had a huge selection of new and used parts, in fact the auto jumble was bigger than ever.


Timber frame kit.

Nick resting.

George Sinclair
Peter Grove
Ronald Ruggen
Laurie Leddra
Danny Peak
Norman Williams

Hartmut Loges Chairman of the Carl F.W. BORGWARD Interessengemeinschaft Club

Rufus and Nick Driscoll.
Robert Richmond Jones


After a lunch of Westphalian potato soup the Borgward convoy started driving on a 30km trip to a castle in the area and back.

Vincent Palmier found a lift in a P100 but the driver got lost on route so they decided to stop at the castle for coffee before finding their way back to Münster.

On Saturday Fiona and her children Kailly and Rufus ventured into Münster to do some looking around and shopping.

There are many more pictures below in a slide show of the main event.



The annual dinner was held in the Gräftenhof with singers, dancers, speeches, cups and prizes.


Ulrich Kotte Vice Chairman
Hartmut Loges Chairman

Carl F.W. BORGWARD Interessengemeinschaft Club.

Vincent Palmier all the way from Malta.

Catherine and Steve Hibberd with Fiona Driscoll and some beer.

Dave Jennings Dave Roast and Keith Whiting(standing).

Richard Senftleben of Rise Video Preserving the event for posterity.

Peter Grove managed a few dances to the surprise of everybody. After a wonderful evening we made our way back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

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